We Do It For The Love Of Fashion…

Hey guys,

Ever had that one friend you think over dresses for every occasion?


Well I am part of that “bad gang”, “the fashionistas” that over dress for every possible event… lol.

Here is guide to help you understand our mind-set a little better.

For us …how we dress has nothing to do with what other people think … It is simply how we chose to express ourselves… we set a personal bar on how we dress that is typically higher than most people.. The same way some people push themselves to be the fittest ( health wise) or the most productive (work wise).

Most people believe we do so to show off or make a point and that is sooooo far from the truth … It is a life style choice.

Believe me when I say it take us even more time to dress down than it does to dress up …because of the conscious effort we have to make not to look over dressed.

For me being a creative person, my body is my canvas from head to toe. taking the time to style my hair to match my look for the day, pairing the right shoes with the right outfit to achieve a certain look… hard work for most… comfort zone for us.

Our hair is our crown so styling it any which way should always is a thrill. For others its makeup or doing their nails. We do what makes us feel pretty, for ourselves first …before anyone or anything else.

Everybody can learn to tap into the Fashionista mind set in some small way and I would encourage it…

– Stay Fabulous

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Impulse Shopping Ahhh

Ohhh I just cannot help it…

Walking through the shopping center with a short list of essential items I need to buy but then the spirit of the Mango sale calls out to me, as a victim I became weak to it’s advances and drawn into the store… For real this is how it feels, sure you can relate!

I enter the war zone (the sale) frantically looking for my size, keeping an eye out before another snatches the clothing off the rack.


At the back of my mind I say there is no budget as I’ve worked ever so hard and need to reward myself… I mean it’s only a sale after all, half price off everything lol.

A sales person smells the weakness aroma coming from me and helps assist in the frantic search for my size, alongside this she transfers the pieces into the fitting room.

Like always I leave the fitting room with about 10 pieces out of 50… Don’t judge me!


The scanning process begins and all of a sudden the not so needed budget became important. One or two tops looked unattractive as you all know while impulse shopping we never pay attention but those had to go. Out of the 10 I leave with just 5, still calculating the damage I just made to my bank account lol.


Reward yourself it is Valentines Day!

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– Stay Fabulous

Fashionable tips for that Nigerian house party

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly you know we’re not trying to waste a hot outfit for a dry house party right? lol playing… Simple is honestly everything for this type of occasion

Checkout the images above for some inspiration!

–       The 1st image styles are handy if a crush is attending.

–       The 2nd image style tips are suitable for  hanging out with friends.

Now now now… those 6 inch heels you are thinking about wearing …place  them right back… consider a kitten heel or a wedge  as we may not be guaranteed  seats. We can never appear to look like we actually tried to dress up….effortless , effortless , effortless that’s our goal…


This dressing up but dressing down process takes the longest amount of time , funny enough but remember if you are comfortable in the outfit you are on the right track.

To remain fashionable is to stay classy so stay safe and aware,  ask the host about mixes in drinks and even in the food!

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– Stay Fabulous

Are Fashion Designers always right?

I have been studying the craft of sewing for 2 years now and  worked with a number of clients over the last few months to develop some bespoke pieces. If I had to rate myself, I’d say I was pretty good at what I do, its my passion, my first love, what I am dedicated to being the best at …  but still I find my prospective clients still doubt my ability to do a good job for them at first.


… I guess its natural for people to show little faith in letting go of control of the clothing design and creation process and trust me to achieve the right look for their body type at first…  I am proud to say a majority of my customers who let me drive are happy with their first fittings… and the others we typically make happy by the second fitting. For my VPC(Very Particular Customers), the process takes longer… why? because I let them drive at first … when that fails I take over and we get there.


There are two things to consider when creating pieces for a customer… What they want? And what will actually look good on them?

A good Fashion designer is here to bring you back down to reality, to help you sew the perfect piece for your body type and to get as close to the style of your desire. 


The level of quality is in your hands, whether it is a workshop charging N7k for a gown or a workshop charging N20k for a gown. 

We can almost tell what the outcome will be by the prices.

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