Being The Bride’s “Maid” & Not the Bride

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is quite thrilling… that is until you have to pay for your dress! Yikes!

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid, and of course, I said yes. I asked what my duties would be, and before anything we discussed the fabric I would need to purchase…luckily for me they were only going to be having a traditional wedding and I sew my own clothes so that softened the blow to my pockets considerably.

We were free to sew whatever design we wanted as long as it went well with a gele I was delighted with that. She told me how he popped the question over ice cream … which lead me back to think about that ex, yes we all have that one ex. I complimented her beautiful engagement ring and was very impressed with her fiancé’s taste.

So the events kicked off at the hen night, unfortunately I missed this event as it was held on a Thursday.

The day of the traditional wedding we all met up super early at the a hotel. Walking into the room the bride handed me a pretty box with my name on it, I opened the box to find a handful of personalised items with my name printed on them… She said, “thank you for being my bridesmaid”. I thought how cute of her.

Now to get my makeup done. We had an option of two makeup artists and never using them before I decided to wait to see how the other girls’ makeup turned out lol. After this we took pictures and our roles for the day was appointed to us. I was blessed with picking up money duty which felt like not much work at the time, boy was I wrong.

Everyone was dressed and naturally behind schedule we rushed to the venue. Walking into the hall beautifully decorated. The introduction begin and so did the spraying of the money… My work had started!

After the first part of the wedding we headed back to the hotel for a change of clothing and group pictures. During this time I noticed a young lady running around coordinating every movement of the Bride. I was curious and said hi to her, she introduced herself as Tosin and explained she owned a bridal styling company called The Wardrobe Manager (TWM) a bit confused never knowing there was such a thing as a bridal stylist. We continued to talk and exchanged numbers. (Find out more about her in my next blog post)

The true work began at the second part of the wedding dancing and collecting the money sprayed was a serious workout on my legs… It says it all in the title brides “maid” supporting the needs of your dear friend in heels, whilst wearing a bespoke gown… This role is not for the weak!

 – Stay fabulous

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Gown made by: Doo by Iyanu

Bridal styling: The Wardrobe Manager (TWM)

Photography: Marvin Akins & TCD weddings


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