Fashionable tips for that Nigerian house party

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly you know we’re not trying to waste a hot outfit for a dry house party right? lol playing… Simple is honestly everything for this type of occasion

Checkout the images above for some inspiration!

–       The 1st image styles are handy if a crush is attending.

–       The 2nd image style tips are suitable for  hanging out with friends.

Now now now… those 6 inch heels you are thinking about wearing …place  them right back… consider a kitten heel or a wedge  as we may not be guaranteed  seats. We can never appear to look like we actually tried to dress up….effortless , effortless , effortless that’s our goal…


This dressing up but dressing down process takes the longest amount of time , funny enough but remember if you are comfortable in the outfit you are on the right track.

To remain fashionable is to stay classy so stay safe and aware,  ask the host about mixes in drinks and even in the food!

For personal questions hit us up @fs_fashionstatement

– Stay Fabulous


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